Elegant music for special occasions Angelgrams

Available for parties, I come dressed as an Angel and sing you a little song from heaven, a "happy birthday song" or "personal song portrait" to suit your occasion.

I request a little background information prior to the event, so the song can be personally designed to bless your special person.

Send me a brief bio (& photo, if you have one), along with helpful information on the particular occasion & the setting of the event, and I will compose or improvise a special personal song-portrait as a blessing.

This is great for birthdays, wedding showers, graduations, "get-well" hospital visits, and surprise parties honoring someone special!

Also available for Christian interpretive worship dance and prophetic intercessory worship.

Rates by individual quote.
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Heartstreams Music
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Contact: Cathryn True Varlet at: PO Box 3833 Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA 93921-3833
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